13th CRO/SLO Conference, EU PLASTIC STRATEGY - What are the roles of value chain stakeholders?, 28th of November 2019, Brdo pri Kranju

Training on advanced ICT Tools for production planning(Moodle platform), ICTPlast project

GELCLAD– new H2020 project with four partners from Slovenia: development of highly efficient eco-panels with integrated nano-insulation

AGRIMAX is an EU-funded project that is developing and demonstrating the production of multiple, high-value products from crop and food-processing waste. Agrimax will maximise the EU’s sustainability, while providing new biobased compounds for the chemicals, food-packaging and farming sectors. The Agrimax consortium combines the expertise of 29 partners from 10 European countries: 18 of which are from industry. A review article has been published in the special issue of “Sustainability in Food Supply Chain and Food Industry” Sustainability Journal. AGRIMAX animation.